2.1 2.1 The aim of association is to support:

  • Consolidation of relationship, trust and friendship between Georgian and European people
  • Popularization of Georgian and European culture, art and education in Georgia and Europe
  • Sharing experience of educational institutions In Georgia and Europe and introducing Euro standards
  • Collaboration of joint educational, scientific and research programs and their implementation
  • Creating integrated projects and educational programs
  • Organizing delegations, cultural and tourism groups
  • Collaboration in educational field, strengthening qualification including personal development.

Tourism Education

  • Identification of Georgian tourism potential in the field of world tourism
  • Training of tourism guide by international standards in every sector of tourism
  • Accompanying higher education in the field of tourism (internship, exchange program etc.)
  • Creating intellectual scientific and informational material in the field of tourism, in both 0 physical and virtual informational network
  • Concentration of intellectual resource and abilities of Georgian emigrants for developing tourism
  • Large-scale collaboration with Georgian and foreigner specialists, trainings, workshops, expositions, conferences
  • Making collaborative projects with leading educational institutions of Georgia and foreign countries
  • Growing civic engagement in order to increase inbound tourism

 22.2 To reach this goals in the borders of law, association:

  • makes connection with organizations, physical and juridical persons, government structures, who are interested in relationship of Georgian and European people 
  • supports and coordinates collaborations of educational institutions, firms, scientific institutions, associations in Georgia and Foreign 
  • holds exhibitions, competitions, theatrical and movie festivals, symposiums, conferences and takes part in such kind of events in foreign countries

Association has legal right to issue certificates following its activities.


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